Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mother's Day Card

I have ventured into the card making phase of this hobby. My first card is a Mother's Day card. I used the double pocket fold to create the card. This shows the card with a tag in the back pocket.

Here is the card with the tag beside it. You can put anything in the pockets.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

One afternoon I was visiting "the kids" and of course spent most of the time on the floor playing with the baby. She received this giant alphabet inchworm from Granny Deb and I laughed so hard watching Hallie try and figure out how to get close enough to grab it. Since she doesn't crawl yet (she's only 4 months old in these pics) she started rocking on her tummy with her feet in the air. Eventually she did get close enough but the foot was too big to get into her mouth! She has the funniest expressions that are such a joy to watch! The title was done using the Jasmine font, welded in Design Studio.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Here is a layout that I did for our Family's Thanksgiving get together.

I used the All Mixed Up cartridge and also used Design Studio to weld the word "fun" to the brackets.

This is the first layout where I tried heat embossing. It was great fun to do and I didn't burn the paper or my fingers! Oh, I also highlighted a swirl stamp on each square with Ranger Stickles. I'm hooked on Stickles!

The week-end is finally here!

This sure has been one tough week! I missed another day of work staying home with my old doggie! The vet thinks she has a brain tumor and unfortunately she has started having seizures. Was putting my coat on for work Wednesday am and I heard an odd thumping sound. Went to see what it was and she was having another one. This is her 3rd one in the past 2 months and it was the worst yet. It lasted almost 4 hours. Poor ole doggie! There isn't anything that can be done, except to try and keep her from injuring herself while it is happening. By the next day she seemed ok again.

I did some shopping this week and got a Cuddlebug! I'm really excited to try it out, and was fortunate that I had a 50% off coupon for the store! So I have great plans to break it in on Saturday. I was also waiting for the postman to deliver 2 new cartridges this week. I now have Mickey and Friends and Daisy Chain. Daisy Chain is not sold in stores and was given out at the 2008 CHA Conference. I really love the daisys and think this will be a great font for all the little girl pages that I do.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets lots of scrappin' done!