Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jet Max Cubes


Bindi from Australia asked me for information on some of my storage cubes.  I thought I'd share this information in a post for other people that were looking for the same info.

My 4 drawer Jet Max cubes were purchased at Michael's.  They are still available (I checked yesterday).  The overall demensions of 1 cube is 14.5" deep by 14.25" high by 14.25" wide.  These are the outside demensions.  They are made with a 1/4" thick board.

The individual drawers are 6.25" wide by 14.25" deep by 6.5" high.

The paper cubes have 4 sections.  The overall outside demensions of the cube is the same as the 4 drawer cube.  The individual sections are 3.25" wide. 


Lastly she asked about my ink storage.  I purchased the 48 Ink Organizer from  I have had the organizer for 2 years and have been totally pleased with it.  At one time I had the organizer hanging on the wall but right now it sits on a table next to my work area.  The quality and durability is fantastic.  They also come with different colored dividers for those of you that want to coordinate with your room.  I plan to purchase another one very soon.  Check out their web site and send them an email to see how much shipping might be to your country.  I love their product and didn't think it was right to give out the details.

Hope this answers all the questions you have.  If not.... just let me know.  Happy organizing!

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  1. I love all of your jex max cubes... everything looks so organized...I still get email errors when I leave you a comment, :-(


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