Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Holidays to everyone!

I was looking at the map of visitors to the blog and was so amazed at all the people from different countries! Take a look at this...

United States (US) 229
Canada (CA) 20
United Kingdom (GB) 11
Australia (AU) 8
Netherlands (NL) 4
Sweden (SE) 2
Lithuania (LT) 2
Hungary (HU) 1
Serbia (RS) 1
Poland (PL) 1
Ireland (IE) 1
Spain (ES) 1
South Africa (ZA) 1
Jamaica (JM) 1
Colombia (CO) 1
Greece (GR) 1
Albania (AL) 1
Brazil (BR) 1
Italy (IT) 1
Croatia (HR) 1

Isn't it wonderful that a simple hobby like scrapbooking and cardmaking can bring together such a diverse group of individuals? I'm so happy to see us all banding together. Now if we could just get all our government officials to start scrapbooking I think we could solve the world's problems! JMO lol.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog and a very hearty Happy Hollidays to all!

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